Picture Gallery

 *Feel free to use my pictures for any personal use. Please contact me if you wish to use them commercially.

Alabama - All pictures were taken in Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Huntsville, and Mobile.

Alaska - This is by far the most gorgeous state I've ever been to. But as you will soon see in my pictures, I encountered some gloomy weather. It wasn't until I went to Seward, AK that I found the magic sun!

Arkansas - There is nothing to do in this state, sorry! :( These are just a few pictures of West Memphis, AR which is near the Mississippi River, and Little Rock.

Arizona - A paid a visit to the Grand Canyon of course. I also went to Winslow and Sedona in 2013.

California - In the summer of 2013, I went to San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Santa Rosa, drove the coastline highway, passed through Death Valley, saw Napa Valley, Mt. Whitney and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Colorado - Pictures were taken mid May of 2005. Most of them are from Denver, Aspen, and Colorado Springs.

Connecticut - All of my pictures were taken in Mystic and New Haven in 2012.

Delaware - August of 2009 - all pics taken in Wilmington.

Florida - Most pictures were taken in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and near Ft. Lauderdale.

Georgia - I currently live in Georgia. Believe it or not, there's more to it than just trees. You just have to search really hard! Majority of these pictures were taken in Blue Ridge, Savannah and Atlanta, GA.

Hawaii - My last state conquered - #50. Pics include Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, North Shore and several parts of Maui in May of 2016.

Idaho - I'll definitely return to Idaho someday, but in the meantime, here's a few pictures of Ceour d'Alene and the surrounding area.

Illinois - Chicago in 2006 and May of 2010.

Indiana - Pictures were mostly taken in Indianapolis circa 2006 and 2010. Some were taken in James Dean's hometown of Fairmount in 2010. Others are from Greensburg and Kokomo, hehe :)

Iowa - All pictures are from Des Moines in May of 2010

Kansas - All pics were taken in Wichita and Topeka 2010.

Kentucky - Pics were taken in Lexington, KY and on I-24 leading into Illinois in 2006. A few are from Newport (across the river from Cincinnati) 2010.

Louisiana - Here are my pictures of New Orleans, 2008 and 2014. Shreveport pic is from 2010.

Maine - Acadia National Park is one of my favorite national parks! Absolutely beautiful. There's also a few pictures of Cape Elizabeth and Portland.

Maryland (+ District of Columbia) - Consists of Washington DC and Baltimore in August 2009.

Massachusetts - I only got to visit Boston in Massachusetts, so all of my pictures are from that city.

Michigan - Pics were taken in the Warren Dunes beach/park in Sawyer, MI - May 2010.

Minnesota - Pictures consist of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington, MN. All were taken in May of 2010.

Mississippi - Pictures mostly of Biloxi mid February 2008. Others in Tupelo and Jackson 2009-2010.

Missouri - All pictures were taken in St. Louis in 2006.

Montana - I don't think there's a single boring area in Montana lol. Here's a few pictures of mostly the western side of this state. All taken in June of 2015.

Nebraska - This was from my trip to Omaha in 2010.

Nevada - What happens in Vegas can't possibly stay there! Here's several pictures of that great city, the Hoover Dam and Reno.

New Hampshire - All of these pictures were taken in the White Mountains - northern New Hampshire.

New Jersey - Just a few pics during my 2012 New England trip.

New Mexico - I only took pictures of Taos and Santa Fe.

New York - Pics of New York City in 2012 and near Albany.

North Dakota - I did here what I did in Arkansas the first time I visited, drove to the border and took pictures lol. There's nothing to do in the southwestern part of this state.

North Carolina - The following pictures were taken by myself in the western part of North Carolina (mostly Asheville). I added Charlotte pics in August 2009.

Ohio - Pics were taken in Cincinnati, OH in 2010.

Oklahoma - Most pics were taken in Oklahoma City and Wakita. I've been to Oklahoma City twice now.

Oregon - Here's a few pictures from Portland, Mt. Hood, Astoria, Bend, and of course Crater Lake.

Pennsylvania - Late August of 2009 - all pics were taken in Philadelphia.

Rhode Island - Newport, Rhode Island is absolutely gorgeous! There's tons of stuff to do as well.

South Carolina - These were taken mostly from the border of South Carolina. I drove through the entire state (including Greenville) but forgot to take pictures! =( I recently went to South Carolina (2014) to make up for my previous quick trip.

South Dakota - I had the privilege of visiting Mt. Rushmore, Crazyhorse, Rapid City and the Badlands in 2013.

Tennessee - These are from Chattanooga, Lynchburg, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville. Tennessee has a lot of things to do as you'll soon see!

Texas - Pics are from Dallas and Arlington in the summer of 2010.

Utah - Pictures were taken at Arches National Park and Salt Lake City in the summer of 2013.

Vermont - In my 2012 New England trip I visited several cities in Vermont. These particular pics are from Hildene, Stratton and Bennington.

Virginia - My trip to the Natural Bridge, Virginia Tech and the Blue Ridge Parkway - August of 2008. Also Richmond and across the bridge from Washington DC in Arlington.

Washington - I spent a few days in Seattle, then climbed Mount Rainier. I have a few other pictures of Snolqualmie Falls, Yakima, and very eastern Washington - around Spokane.

West Virginia - The New River Gorge Bridge - August 2008.

Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Madison in May 2010.

Wyoming - A quick trip through Cheyenne, and a visit to Devil's Tower - both in the summer of 2013.